About Us

Hello friends my name is Amrit Panda and you are very welcome on Viral in Internet, this website is just made to help people who have no idea about internet.

I can not say that I have made it for help only, making some money along with help and building my career at internet is my dream.

That’s why I am writing in my website about  latest hot trends of Bollywood Hollywood box office collection politics sports education festival event technology television serials world news and many more which you follow easily.

About My Self

My name is Amrit Panda and I am owner of viralininternet.com. I am a enginner student and I live in balasore city of odisha.

From childhood I was very interested in learning about the Internet but due to lack of mobile or desktop there was a lot of problem in learning why we did not have much money with that person.

As soon as my age went slowly, the internet started coming closer and hope to do something again became active within me and finally created viralininternet.com blog and started helping people.